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LA Hike Details

  Mt. Lowe  
Trail - Mt. Lowe
10:01 am

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Area Los Angeles
Address 3399 Lake Ave, Altadena, CA
Elevation n/a
Change 806.00 m ( 2600 ft )
Distance 8.05 km ( 5.00 miles )
Difficulty Moderate

From the 210 freeway, take Lake Ave exit, and drive north (toward the hills) until you hit the end. At the end of Lake Ave. you should see the gate to the park, as well as geeks, to the right. Park where you can. I highly suggest carpooling.

The Good  
- Stunning views, pine forests, very deep canyons, some benches to eat on at the top. There is an old cylindrical cistern at the top, perfect for pretending to be a gladiator.
- This trail is dog friendly, but remember to bring a leash.
- Street parking is free but limited.

The Bad  
No bathrooms.

Where  North of Pasadena

Visit the remains of the Mt. Lowe Railway and the once magnificent 70-room Victorian hotel. After a series of fires, nature has slowly been reclaiming this site, but it is still a great place to go poke around in Pasadena history.
Check out the Wikipedia page for more info on the site: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Lowe_Railway
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